Hashpire NFT for Early Contributors

We are looking to design and award our early contributors with limited edition NFTs.

Suggest and discuss it here!

Here are some topics to discuss:

  • What it should look like
  • The total amount of NFT to issue
  • Token Economics surrounding the NFT

Some ideas:

  • The total amount should be a multiple of 2 (Binaries, Yay!) — preferably 128 or 256.
  • The number could have a special meaning such as the date of some special event.
  • The NFT data could be related to git commit hash of the contributor
  • The number should not be set too high for exclusivity.
    *Tokens should have relationships and be numbered. e.g. The one after could be some hash value of the one(s) before
  • Our NFT should meet twitter’s NFT profile picture requirements and be usable as a Twitter profile picture