Hash Function Series

Series Content เกี่ยวกับ Hash Function
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  1. Hash function คืออะไร ?
  2. Applications of Hash
  • Generate checksum of large file / File Inegrity
  • Generate identifer from content
    • Cloud Storage Overselling
  • Distributed Hash Table
  • User password protection on server side
  • Password-based encryption
  • Crytography applications
    • Key derive functions
    • MAC (Message Authentication Code)
    • Generate short fixed length message digest in digital signature schemes
    • Converting textbook public key encryption schemes into CCA-secure schemes
    • Construct pesudorandom number generator (/dev/random, /dev/urandom)
    • Hash chain, one-time password
    • blockchain
      • merkle hash trees
  1. Attack of hash function
  • rainbow table
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